Visitor's Suggest

Occasionally, our patients need to express certain concerns or complaints about the service they have received. We highly encourage you to take the right step and report the issue as soon as it happens. Each and every comment or complaint helps us move forward and improve our services by identifying and resolving developmental or systemic problems.


The time frame for resolving the matter at hand depends on the nature of the comment or complaint. We assure you that your feedback will be delivered to the appropriate employee to be managed efficiently and effectively.



What we recommend to our patients:


  • It is best to discuss your concerns with any employee of the department in relation to your complaint as quickly as possible, if not immediately.
  • If you are not happy with the result, you may request to speak with the head of department.
  • You may also complete our Opportunity for Improvement cards which are found in all departments.


Alternatively, an online complaint form may be used. We can help you put it in writing in the comment/complaint section below.