Our Story


It is fair to say that the idea of establishing a hospital like the IMC, a different hospital, was considered an adventure in a homogenous cultural milieu. However, the IMC dream was conceived in 1993 and an undefeated spirit carried its testing planning process for seven years.


Support build-up with time and major names like Cleveland Clinic collaborated and shared invaluable knowledge with the team in Jeddah. Others who believed in making a difference joined in and with their support and remarkable effort, the IMC commenced serving its patients by 2006.


We were overwhelmed by the positive reception of our community that magnified our responsibility to inspire faith, and push people to reclaim their right to dream.

Contact Information

International Medical Center
PO Box 2172 Jeddah 21451
Saudi Arabia
Phone:   +966 12 650 9000
Fax:   +966 2 653 5045
E-mail:   info@imc.med.sa