Your Stay at IMC
The word hospitality is derived from “hospital”, a word that indicates generous care and extending acts of kindness. We work to restore the meaningful essence of this word and revive it throughout three focus areas:

Stress-free waiting time:

The IMC is committed to respect the patient’s time and cut any possible delay or unnecessary steps. During waiting-times, every patient can easily request a pager from the reception desk and leave the area to enjoy a cup of coffee at the 1st floor Café, a snack at the Main Cafeteria or walk about to enjoy the IMC gardens until it is time to see the doctor. Also, patients can spend a valuable time at the Family and Patient Education Center, which is always welcoming patients and gladly offering them various materials to answer their pressing medical concerns.


Single-room policy:

Lack of privacy and stress never fail to heighten the patients’ sensitivity, therefore, every patient at the IMC is guaranteed a single-room to provide the quietude they need. This will enhance patient safety and create a comfortable atmosphere for patients and their families, promote healthier environment by minimizing infections, and prevent the chances of medical errors. In addition, this policy eliminates most stressors associated with noise usually found in multiple-occupancy rooms.


Quality family time:

Family members can visit anytime without disturbing their patient as all the rooms provide a separate private unit for family members in addition to a guest lounge outside the room. The comfortable atmosphere provided for family members at the IMC guarantees their patient a constant companionship through difficult times and this is definitely a most welcome feature in patient-rooms.