History & Milestones
The idea of establishing the IMC was conceived this year following a traumatic period in the history of the Gulf region that highlighted many deficiencies, one of which is healthcare services. It took several years of careful planning and design to capture the ambitious dream of building a hospital that turns medical tourism the other way around. Looking back now, the beginning stages were truly the hardest yet an immensely rewarding journey for all the participants.
1998 - 2001
Series of studies were conducted and thoroughly checked and critiqued. During the same period, the founders achieved collaboration with specialized architectural firms in healthcare design with an invaluable input of more than eighty consultants in different sub-specialties.
This year marked the official establishment of the IMC Company.
Witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony and foundation-stone placement.
The inauguration day was held on the 26th of October and attended by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the late Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz. The leader of the kingdom was rejoiced and proud to witness such perfection on his homeland that compelled him to say: “From what I have seen and sensed, the founders of this hospital believe in their creator, country, and their own humanity.”

Contact Information

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