For many people, a hospital visit can be a little bit overwhelming. That is why we are always in pursuit to maintain an invigorating environment for our patients and visitors.



We realize that our job starts before you set foot in our hospital. How parking space is a good starting point to make patients and visitors feel at ease. Spacious parking lots to the side and front of the building with valet service are available to spare our visitors unnecessary stress over such arrangements.


IMC Gardens

Studies have shown that green spaces help people decompress, improve pain tolerance for people with chronic disorders, and evoke relaxed moods. Wherever you go, the IMC plant-filled design will help you meet the demands of the day by giving you a momentary escape. Please take the time to enjoy a walk about the gardens and let the sound of fountains soothe away all your tension.


Family and Patient Education Center

Visit our educational center at the ground floor to learn how to deal with your own condition. The center is always welcoming and educators are there to assist you and answer all your questions.



If you feel the need to energize with a cup of coffee, the first floor café can offer you a variety of coffees, teas, pastries, salads and lunch items. It has a warm atmosphere that allows you to sit leisurely, read your paper and eat your lunch.


Main Cafeteria

Located on the ground floor, the main cafeteria serves hot entrees, snacks and beverages any time of the day. Family and friends are welcome as the place is designed to accommodate a large number of people with a considerable space to enjoy their meals.